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Welcome to the World of Energy!

EnergySpectrum is a scientific journal focusing on the areas of production, transmission, distribution and use of electricity.

The aim of the journal is to present, through scientific and specialist articles, latest technical knowledge in the area of electrical power engineering, i.e. information about new technical solutions, measurement and control of electrical equipment and in particular about results of researches carried out at research centres around the world.

The EnergySpectrum journal is designed for all research workers in power engineering, electricity producers and distributors, electrical equipment suppliers and customers, professionals in the field, production companies, private entrepreneurs as well as students and teachers at vocational schools and technical universities.

History of EnergySpectrum journal

The EnergySpectrum journal became into existence in year 2003. The main aim of its publishing is to offer to the specialists within the field of electricity sector periodical which can provide actual information about research and development in this scientific field.

The journal came through a general arrangement in 2005. The aim was to advance the journal among significant scientific periodicals regarding the field of electric power engineering which are very few in the Czech Republic. By the end of 2007 the graphic design of the journal has been changed to the actual appearance known at present. The priority of future journal development is its expansion beyond the Czech Republic boarders so the scientific community can be informed about new trends in research and development within the field of electric power engineering.